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7 simple poems about interconnectedness, freedom, grief and love FREE today

all written from the perspective of an empath

“loneliness leaves me open to hell
it’s always yawning for me
each betrayal sets a heart spinning
and i can’t hold everyone”

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bleaker country

so tired of defending these borders alone
scaring intruders away with rusted farm tools
grabbing whatever has a long handle when i’m caught off guard
and i don’t understand
there’s nothing here
i even left a sign out front:
‘No food, no water,
silverware has already been stolen, staying until i die naturally’
it’s getting heavy
this yoke
and i don’t know what to do
nothing in the yard is sharp enough
my biceps have atrophied
trying to pull it off
God, show me what i’ve done
how have i invited this burden
and if it’s my fate to suffer it
show me the clearest path
but please
keep me from succumbing to starvation
don’t let me be drowned by this fluid in my lungs
have mercy on me
bring me matches to light the hearth
if i am to die on the cold, damp floor
because i surrender
i completely surrender
it’s too much
take it all, I can’t carry it anymore
i can barely lift a pen to write a new sign

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we’ll take the bus back, okay?

the great, sweet within

you housed my heart
and took my fears
just took them
without hesitation
without expectation
you pulled them into you
and rinsed them
wrung them out
into a bucket outside of me
and then filtered it all
until gold remained
you knew
my heart
and i knew
because you knew
your eyes said everything