uh oh – lobster-related blog award nomination

i don’t have any fancy gifs for the award ceremony

no speech

but i love answering weird questions from people i’ve never met

here’s the link to this award

Moose and Michelle from The Lonely Tribalist want me to answer these random questions 

here i go:

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? “Before my pen has glean’d my teeming brain,/Before high-piled books, in charactery,”

Who’s your opposite sex crush? (Opposite sex of the sex you’d usually crush on, that is.) Marie Curie (i wasn’t planning on coming out on this blog as heterosexual, but you tricked me!)

Here are the keys to my 1999 Ford Taurus. What do you do? Weird Science

Favorite joke (or any joke, clean or dirty, all fair game)? something about koalas in fancy suits (don’t ask)

Do you own a pet that isn’t a dog or a cat? i have a lobster

Second deepest darkest secret. Now. what’s a dark secret?

Here’s a ticket to anyplace in the world and anytime time. Where and when do you go to? all

Any suggestions for a cheap at-home meal? lentils 

Voulez-vous chouchez avec moi? êtes-vous mon âme sœur

Favorite show (TV/Internet) currently or recently? no

Thank you, Moose&Michelle, for thinking my blog is pretty cool!


Author: tendrilwise

Hi, I have a diploma in Journalism, I've published a novel, and I am currently studying psychology. My odd way of viewing the world either gets me kicked out of parties or invited to them. Jenn McKay

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