choices, thank God

finding joy on difficult days


finding joy on difficult days

every day is a series of moments

some moments can be pure joy, some can be pure hell, most are some mixture of the two extremes

in the mix, i have a choice

i can remember and give thanks for the blessing of each moment of joy

or i can allow myself to prolong a series of moments that challenge my faith in love

in the moment i feel it all

and because i’ve opened my heart to the joys, it’s possible to remember them clearly in a dynamic way

to recall the connection, stillness, happiness by sound, smell, touch, taste, sight

i store moments of joy with my senses and they become accessible even after a series of challenging moments threatens to overwhelm them

i always have a choice

at the end of each day, no matter what ratio, i choose to reignite the joy

Author: tendrilwise

Hi, I have a diploma in Journalism, I've published a novel, and I am currently studying psychology. My odd way of viewing the world either gets me kicked out of parties or invited to them. Jenn McKay

11 thoughts on “choices, thank God”

  1. Hi Jenn,

    That was wonderful indeed 🙂

    Yes, at the end of the day, we sit and think of the choices we made, whether the good or bad. But they are the ones that help us go from one step to the other. Sorry about your down day, but such is life – with it’s ups and downs, twists and turns. If there is something that pulls us down, there is something better waiting that’d pull us up. All we need to do is, keep the faith and keep going.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week and happy new month as well 🙂

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    1. Hi Harleena, thank you for reading and commenting on my post. A great honor. Thank you also for sharing this with your followers.

      You’re right – down days are part of life. And faith does help to get us through.

      Take good care,



  2. Hey Jenn,
    I came across this from Rachel via a tweet on her timeline. So good to read this.
    Yes you are right there’s a choice of choosing good moments over bad ones. Or rather say there’s wisdom in choosing the pleasant over unpleasant.

    However, I would like to show you another way out.

    Do not choose at all 🙂

    It’s like a weighing scale. Whatever you put the weight on, the other side will come up with equal force. Because LIFE is a balanced phenomena. So the more you choose one over another, the ‘ANOTHER’ would pop up in equal measure.
    For me, the way to peacefulness and quiet is this:
    “Let go of all choices. Watch all emotions with utter detachment. When the storm vanishes, you’ll be untouched”. 🙂

    Hope you find your way out of both the ‘pleasant’ and the ‘unpleasant’ and Stay firmly ROOTED in peace!

    Stay Blessed,

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    1. Hey Ankush, nice to ‘see’ you here.

      You have stumped me.

      I see what you’re saying about detachment to either pleasant or unpleasant, but I don’t see how feeling my emotions is attaching to them.

      Maybe I’m not where you are.

      Thank you for giving me something to think about.

      Take good care,


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  3. Hi Jenn

    You are right that Life is full of choices and no matter what we grow through, we have a choice to be happy or sad.

    The best thing about life is that we can choose to remain happy no matter what. Thanks for sharing your insight. Have a swell weekend.

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    1. Hey Ikechi!

      I don’t think we can choose to remain happy no matter what. There will always be ups and downs.

      But we choose whether or not to live in the moment, to dwell on the shit or to increase our energy by fully enjoying the joy and giving the joy it’s full weight.

      I agree, life is full of choices.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Take good care,



  4. Hi Jenn,

    You are right. I always believe that we don’t have a chice over the challenges life throws at us. But we have a choice over how we respond to it. Your post just reminded me of that again.

    One word: Beautiful

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