the Wash

tomorrow, the place


You’re my place to cry now
one day I’ll have more than tears for you
If I knew what to get you in return
I’d spend an entire month planing and making it beautiful
But when you’re in my house
you aren’t yourself
I want to see you work a paddle
I want to see you cry
you’re never sad
and your happy tears are so easy they stealth
to catch a caught breath
to spend days wondering how
you can be such a soft gentle place
when other gentle places terrify
most evenings as I run into you on your way home from work
the setting sun closing in on us as winter draws near
I only mean to say hello
but when you’re near
something breaks in me
and I’m more myself than ever
One day I’ll be more than tears
you see my shoulders round as I recite this
you see my heart’s small hands reach beyond the knowable
embers quickly roar then die down
I think I know you
don’t I know you?
how can you know me
if I don’t know you?
I know you
I see my future in you
even when my past
clings to my throat
like soggy cheesecloth
even when no cloth
can bring soothe
sooth the day
find a way
in this way I want you
in this way I walk toward you
unbound rosy cheeked
full throated
I’d clear a metal detector for you
because I know with you
E’ryting be ire
and I come closer not my best self
without plan platform or pillar
I come to you bruised
though all I want is to be shiny for you
It’s so clear how my sore is my gift to the rest of the world
but for you, for you
I want to be more

Author: tendrilwise

Hi, I have a diploma in Journalism, I've published a novel, and I am currently studying psychology. My odd way of viewing the world either gets me kicked out of parties or invited to them. Jenn McKay

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