Compassion Is A Free Will Choice

stream of conscious thoughts about the class war


Why haven’t we called this what it is yet?

We’re in the middle of a class war.

Are we all too hooked by our personal sorrows that we can’t see the bigger picture, and therefore the path to healing?

Yes. My opinion is yes.

The simplest way to describe this clash is haves vs have nots.

This clash is causing serious suffering and it’s time to rise up together.

Not together as in within the groups we feel comfortable identifying with – not together as women, LGBTQ, indigenous people, people of colour, people with mental illness, disabilities, low income, immigration status, or any other group of people who are currently being oppressed in some way.

It’s not a war against each other. It’s not a competition to see who has the most suffering.

All suffering is equal.

Each one of us struggles with a poverty of sorts. There is poverty of finances, power, equality, privilege, respect, understanding, self-love, resources and many other poverties.

While we fight over who has the most pain, the elitists are winning.

The people who are currently in power running the show don’t want you to know one simple thing:

We are stronger together. Always.

We have more power than they want us to realize.

But we need to feel like we have enough in order to give to others. Especially to those we don’t identify with, those we justify ignoring by seeing them as being separate from us.

The more we fight against, the more energy we waste, and the more we affirm our scarcity.

If we felt like we had enough, we would not be fighting, there would be nothing to fight, no struggle.

But there is a struggle. We’re all struggling. And rather than focusing on our similarities, we have been focusing on our differences.

When we focus on what makes us different, we focus on the principle of division.

Do we want to be divided? Do we want to stay pieced out in our separate very small (comparatively) groups fighting for the same thing using different language but only fighting for one group?

If we want to get through this and make a difference bigger and better than we can individually imagine, we need to start working together. Not against such other.

And the place to start is by seeing, understanding, acknowledging, and making and holding respectful space for everyone who is struggling with poverty of some kind.

I’m spinning my wheels because we’re all spinning our wheels. The universe is within me, as it is within you.

This movement will bring traction.

It starts small. Take one step to show the universe that you accept that our suffering is equal.

It doesn’t have to start with believing this about everyone.

Take a look at your neighbour who is struggling to get around in her walker this heavy-snow winter.

Take a look at your co-worker who struggles to pay the hydro as a single mom, while you eat lobster every Saturday.

Take a look at your sister who struggles to get out of bed because she’s fighting depression.

Do one thing today to really break open perception, to accept another’s difference as no better or worse than your difference.

It might just be what we need.

Author: tendrilwise

Hi, I have a diploma in Journalism, I've published a novel, and I am currently studying psychology. My odd way of viewing the world either gets me kicked out of parties or invited to them. Jenn McKay

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