Whole Moments

She made glitter bombs again
cut up ribbon
sequins and rhinestones
mismatched googley eyes
fairy dust from a birthday party
She scoops it up
mischievous smile
irises infused pure light
she gives it back to the wind
running to catch the fall
over and over
I step in, letting the bitter coffee
and FaceBook messages drop
On garbage day
her bombs will glint in the sun
Poplar cotton diffusing derelict
neighborhood beer cans and pie trays
We won’t be home to watch

Walking Forgiveness

Somewhere out there
will always be a call back
a miss so bitter
it will shape cold days
When this gypsy heart was young
she took in all who wore the shadows
cast over her by the first
Like Darwin at the aquarium
in a girl who speaks only eyes
But there are some acts
that can never be erased
and some people
that must always be apart