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When the book was first published in 2003, Paul Quarrington wrote, “The Power of Thirteen cuts straight to the bone. This novel is compact and disturbing, written in prose that has been pierced and tattooed.”


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I forgot to apologize
when I introduced myself
I’m sorry
you must have called me over
because I’m not usually that brave
it didn’t hit until later
and I’ve been asking your forgiveness
for years now
since I became brave enough to do those things
before I left the building my heart broke open
I felt an intense desire to be held
and I was thinking I’d go back to your table
take another chance
ask if I could put my head on your shoulder
maybe even put your arm around me
but when I looked over
you were gone

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“loneliness leaves me open to hell
it’s always yawning for me
each betrayal sets a heart spinning
and i can’t hold everyone”

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