mini vacation 

hey guys,

i’m taking a brief pause from blogging on the daily. 

will be back soon with more 

Big love,



everyday miracles 

tender collisions

the snow fall is sweet

each unique group of particles

land on my nose, my lashes

my lenses distorting

oncoming headlamps

with the collision

of such a thin layer of cold

into my warm skin and

the way these prostheses hold

gifts of my humanity

second chance joy

egos are weird…

recently I walked by a man who was obviously in need.

carrying a bag with a few grocery items but no cash in my pocket, I thought to my myself, shit, I wish I had something to give.

not long after I passed him, it occurred to me that I could share something from my bag of groceries.

but I felt self-conscious about going back and waking him in case what I had in my bag wasn’t what he needed.

I started with the negative self-talk, ego chatter, about a missed opportunity.

then I told my ego to shush and I asked for another opportunity.

it came.

and that time, the person asked for my help.